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What is “You Had Me At YLW” about?

You Had Me At YLW is a safe space where Asian Americans can come to air it all out. Lauren Espejo, artist and creator of the @YLWRNGR blog, is your host. This show is the proverbial soapbox for the Asian American community. No topics are off-limits and all voices will be heard! Covering everything from pop culture to mental health, immigration to microaggressions, guests get whatever is weighing on their mind off their chests. The more we share our experiences and stories, the more we can understand each other. It’s all things social justice, self-love, inclusion, and representation. At the end of every episode, Lauren closes out by sharing self-care tips and wellness gems.

Lauren also runs the YLWRNGR blog and socials (Instagram & Twitter).

When and where can I find “You Had Me At YLW”?

Episodes 1-13 are now streaming!
Download/Subscribe: The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher.

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Instagram: @YouHadMeAtYLW / @LaurenEspejo
@YouHadMeAtYLW / @LaurenEspejo

What are folks saying about You Had Me At YLW?

“I’m glad your page exists, it’s always cool to see that your page is holding space/pushing the conversation on AsAm representation.” – Gold Clemente

Who is behind the show? 

You Had Me At YLW was created by Lauren Espejo (

The podcast is edited by Landon Grace, Epicinsanity and Lauren Espejo. All music in the show is produced by Rodney Hazard.


Our cover art was designed by Kateryna Kistrin.

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