What #YLWRNGR Is and Why I Started It

Growing up in 90’s Queens, NY, I was surrounded by almost every type of ethnicity. You name it — Spanish, West Indian, Eastern European and every type of Asian. Black, brown, white, red and yellow. So much of my upbringing and identity is all things Filipino-American. The language, the food, the customs, the everything. I always saw myself first as Filipino and second as American. Basically, I’m Asian AF.

The Yellow Ranger herself, Thuy Trang as Trini
I remember watching TV, constantly searching for people that looked like me or acted like my family. All I could find was Trini Kwan as the Yellow Ranger on the show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She looked like us: long, jet black hair with blunt bangs that covered her forehead and almond-shaped eyes. She was everything. A total bad ass that kicked some serious villain butt, while still looking fly. Looking back now, a lot of her character was typecast and I was oblivious to this at age 5. All I knew was that I wanted to be like her. Kimberly as the Pink Ranger was cool and all, but I couldn’t relate to her. Now Trini… I get her. She made perfect sense to me.

Fast forward to present-day, I still believe that the Yellow Ranger is so much more than a TV crime-fighting character. She’s Asian and proud of it. She’s a modern-day warrior who is the epitome of grace, strength, inner beauty and true rebellion. To top it all off, she has a heart of pure gold. A Yellow Ranger sees the injustices in the world and genuinely wants to do her part in correcting as many as she can. She is sweet and warm when she wants to be. But when people call her exotic, shy, docile or cute, she puts them in their place. She transcends all stereotypes that media places onto her and stands up for what she believes in.

I created #YLWRNGR and this blog because I couldn’t find a space where Asian-American people could come and just…be. I wanted to create an all-inclusive community and spark conversations about what it’s like to be Asian-Am. Not only so that we could relate to one another, but so others can have a better understanding. Instead of relying on some of the crap that the media puts out about Asian people, I wanted to make sure that people get who we truly are. Welcome to the #YLWRNGR.

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