Artist Manager Sabrina Li’s Journey in the Music Industry

An artist manager is a professional who represents and guides the career of an artist. Their main responsibility is to help a musician achieve their goals by providing them with the necessary resources, knowledge, and support they need. An artist manager typically has extensive experience in the music industry and is well-connected with industry insiders, […]

Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Annie Scherer Drops New Single “After Rain”

photo credit: Sherry Kocienski Up-and-coming indie pop musician Annie Scherer is definitely one to watch. Her voice is velvety smooth and full of depth and character. She wrote and produced her single After Rain, with help from Aidan Sloppy on mixing and mastering. After Rain is an indie pop power ballad about embracing the vulnerability […]

Asian-American Pop Production Duo Goldlove releases new single, “Drug”

Goldlove is a pop production duo made up of twin sisters based in New York City. With over 10 years of musical experience spanning from classical composition to production, they have developed an eclectic sound inspired by pop, alternative, and country/folk genres. Since starting their careers producing for other recording artists, Goldlove has worked with […]

The ‘QUEENS’ Web Series Proves to be a Hilarious Portrait of Asian American Millennials

As a Queens, New York native, I jumped at the chance to review the comedy series QUEENS for the YLWRNGR blog. Directed by Nicole Gomez Fisher and created by Cindy Chu, QUEENS is a fresh, hilarious show that pays homage to my favorite borough with vibrancy and care. Following the Asian American best friend trio […]

Filipino American Filmmaker Marcos Durian’s Short ‘Fish Head’ Tells Us a Coming-of-Age Story We Need To Hear

I was recently invited by the short film Fish Head’s director and creator, Marcos Durian, to the screening which was a part of the Emerging Cinematographer Awards presented by the International Cinematographers Guild. As I enjoyed the other 9 short films presented at the event, I anxiously awaited Fish Head to come on. As I […]

Nimble Made’s Tanya Zhang Changes the Dress Shirt Game for Asian Men

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Tanya Zhang, co-founder of Nimble Made. The fashion brand is known for its actually slim dress shirts, catering to the professional AAPI man with unique sizing issues. Inspired by the slimmer Asian American men in her circles, Tanya saw even the “Slim Fit” at most fashion retailers […]

Kudo’s ‘Middle Fingers’ is the Female Empowerment Anthem You Didn’t Know You Needed

I had the pleasure of listening to this amazing track by Kudo. It’s called ‘Middle Fingers’ and it is OFFICIALLY my new anthem. Kudo was inspired by “fellow minority women and the ‘Me Too’ movement.” Starting off as a DJ and producer, this is her debut as an artist. It truly bangs! On top of […]

Why You Need to Watch Asian-Am Director Bobby Yan’s Short Film: Marz

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing and reviewing director Bobby Yan’s short film Marz. Yan has said how important it is for him to “write and direct truthful stories that reflect my experience as an Asian American and on a broader level, as a person of color – exploring and giving light to underrepresented communities.” […]

‘Just Doug’ is the Facebook Watch show You Should Be Watching

Just Doug is the Facebook Watch show about a D-list poker celebrity tries to parlay his success into a career he’s woefully underprepared for Hollywood. Join Doug on his quest for the American dream: love, liberty and the pursuit of Justice. It’s produced by Eric Cook and Lizbeth Chappell and directed by Dan Chen. I […]

You Have to Watch This Rom-Com starring Asian-Ams: Kat Loves LA

Needless to say, I’ve been dying for content that truly represents the Asian-American experience. When I came across the rom-com YouTube series, Kat Loves LA, it answered my prayers. A smart, talented Asian-Am lead with a love interest that’s also Asian-Am? Jackpot! Creator, writer, producer and actress Paget Kagy stars in this web series alongside […]