You Have to Watch This Rom-Com starring Asian-Ams: Kat Loves LA

Needless to say, I’ve been dying for content that truly represents the Asian-American experience. When I came across the rom-com YouTube series, Kat Loves LA, it answered my prayers. A smart, talented Asian-Am lead with a love interest that’s also Asian-Am? Jackpot! Creator, writer, producer and actress Paget Kagy stars in this web series alongside Matthew Um. The show debuted on YouTube in December 2017.

Kat Loves LA Poster

Meet Kat Park: an aspiring actress in LA who is reeling from a recent breakup. She’s at that point where she’s shaking off the hurt from said relationship and somewhat ready to get back into dating. Her bestie assures her that she has the perfect guy for Kat and sets her up on a blind date with Andrew Roberts. Unfortunately, the date doesn’t go over so well and they don’t even make it to the actual date. Creator Paget Kagy isn’t afraid to tackle the topic of Asian and white people dating head on. Andrew accuses Kat of only dating white guys, but the next time they run into each other Andrew himself is out on a date with a white girl. Hypocritical, much?

Kat on Date

This show is so very refreshing to me as an Asian-Am woman. Paget Kagy brings such vulnerability and honesty to her character, Kat, that you find yourself relating to her struggle and yelling at the screen, “Ugh! Same!” From the awkward run-in with her ex to the nerves she has when she auditions for a role, Kat is a big dreamer who gets insecure from time to time. Haven’t we all been there? That’s what I like about this show. It not only shows Asian-Ams pursuing careers that shatter the model minority myth, it also provides a slice of life of what’s it’s really like out there for us in the dating world.

Kat and Andrew in LACMA
Kat and Andrew, played by Paget Kagy and Matthew Um, actually enjoying each other’s company.

Kat Loves LA is also laugh-out-loud funny, I found myself giggling at the girls night Kat has with her friends. If you’re looking for a show that’s real, heartfelt and accurately depicts the Asian-Am experience, look no further. I found myself getting lost in the story and truly empathizing with these characters. With six amazing episodes so far, I can’t wait to see how the rest of this first season will play out. Please support this spectacular show by visiting their Indegogo page and donating. Every donation will go solely toward the production of Season 1 & 2.

To watch the series, pop some popcorn and head over to YouTube to binge the first few episodes! Finally, don’t forget to follow the latest news on Kat Loves LA, by visiting their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Kat and Andrew at Boba
Who can say no to boba?

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