Asian-American Pop Production Duo Goldlove releases new single, “Drug”

Goldlove is a pop production duo made up of twin sisters based in New York City. With over 10 years of musical experience spanning from classical composition to production, they have developed an eclectic sound inspired by pop, alternative, and country/folk genres. Since starting their careers producing for other recording artists, Goldlove has worked with Grammy-winning musicians and been recognized by international organizations, most recently, the United Nations. Through the record label J&J Records LLC, Goldlove has released a string of singles showcasing their diverse skills. Their latest release is a single called “Drug” written and produced by Goldlove and featuring vocalist Soph Retief. With “Drug”, Goldlove takes their next step in becoming the first breakthrough Asian-American production group.

“Drug” by Goldlove

Released on February 4, 2021, “Drug” is Goldlove’s fifth single, and their first of the year, highlighting their path to become pioneering Asian-American female artists. Depicting a romance similar to an addiction, “Drug” is filled with metaphors that explore the light and dark sides of a relationship. Dreamy pop synths and cinematic strings mix seamlessly with Soph Retief’s vocals to create an experience similar to a drug-induced haze. Written and produced by Goldlove, “Drug” is a single that transcends genre barriers, featuring instruments from stripped down electric pianos to a classical string quartet.

“Drug” is elusive and mysterious. There are layers to this track that make you want to dive deeper into it and yourself. The cerebral lyrics go beyond face value and convey raw emotion. Soph Retief’s voice is airy and transports you elsewhere. It demonstrates the dichotomy that comes with a romantic relationship. “Drug” takes you on a journey with highs and lows: the highs of love that bring exhilaration and euphoria and the lows that bring sorrow and heartache. It builds gradually as does any love affair and ends with a bittersweet finish.

Goldlove will be performing at Joy Ruckus Club on February 20 at 3:10 pm ET. They will be performing “Drug” as well as other new songs and tickets are free at For more information about Goldlove, click here.

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