Naomi Osaka Docuseries Review: Redefining The Definition of a Tennis Champ

Tennis superstar, activist, sister, designer, badass: Haitain-Japanese American Naomi Osaka has expanded what it means to be a tennis pro. Osaka serves intentionally into her public and private lives which is what makes her a wonderful activist. Every choice 23-year-old Osaka makes seems to revolutionize tennis. Her eponymous three part Netflix docuseries gave more insight […]

“Where Are You From?”: Investigating the Psychological Origins of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Please donate to if you are financially able. As I read each anti-Asain hate crime, I can’t help but ask myself “why?”–each one adding to the stack of violence against people with my skin tone. Comprehending why these hate crimes are happening is just as important as taking action. I know I have been […]

There’s A Disconnect: Unsolicited Advice About Navigating The Uptick in Screen Time

Like many, my whole life became pixelated once COVID-19 took over the globe. As the virus marches on to the beat of “I’m sorry, can you hear me?,” it is imperative we address our collective online etiquette. With extreme platforms on the rise like Parler, it seems like the miscommunication chasm of the internet increases […]

Meet Chris Lam: An Intersection of Queer and Asian

Hailing from Irvine, California, Chris Lam’s journey has been a long and humbling one. Originally an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major from UC Berkeley, Lam has departed from his major decided to pursue a career as an on-camera host and a content producer. Growing up as a queer Cantonese-Taiwanese American, Lam has learned how […]

7 Asian American Female Artists to Look Out For in 2019

Gingee Gingee is a multi-talented Filipina DJ, producer, kulingtang artist, and vocalist among her many artistic talents. Her work is a reflection of the sounds and cultures she has been exposed to growing up in Los Angeles. Gingee’s productions incorporate the sounds of percussion instruments such as the kulintang (gongs native to the Philippines), kettle […]

Leo Xia is THE Asian-Am Singer-Songwriter You Need to Be Listening To

  Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Leo Xia is a musician who should be on everyone’s radar. On September 28th, Leo released his sophomore album 384 in honor of the passing of his maternal grandmother who taught him Chinese. In total, the album has ten tracks which delve into topics of identity, loss and moving forward. […]

LEX the Lexicon Artist Releases Her Latest track, “Artist Anthem”

On January 6th, LEX the Lexicon Artist AKA Alex Liu released her music video for the song “Artist Anthem.” After a conversation with a friend that made her realize she is not as “normal” as she pretends to be, she began construction on “Artist Anthem” in late 2016 and finished it early 2017. She first […]