8 Different Types of Asian Uncles: A GIF Story

  The Funny, Always Semi-Tipsy Uncle The Grillmaster/Chef Uncle The GQ Uncle The Sassy Uncle The Rebel Uncle The Uptight, Scholarly Uncle The Fit Uncle The Karaoke Uncle We love you, Uncles!  

The 7 Different Types of Asian Aunts – A Visual GIF Story

Aunt. Auntie. Tía. Tita. Gūmā. Oba. Imo. Chaachee. Bibi. Cô Dì. The list goes on… She’s your Asian aunt! Here’s a list of 8 different types of Asian aunts that we all know and (sometimes) love: The Nosy, Gossip-Crazy One The Sweet, Cute One The Fashionable, Boujee One The Strict, Religious One The Anxious One […]

Why the Next Generation Needs to See Themselves on TV & Film

It’s the YLWRNGR here, reporting on something that is really close to my heart: diversity in Hollywood. As a first generation Asian American women who grew up in the ’90s, my frame of reference for characters played by other AsianAms was few and far between. When I saw Thuy Trang on TV playing the original […]

Why Filipinos Have Spanish-sounding Last Names

“You’re Filipino? So, you’re like basically Spanish.” If you’ve heard something like this before or said it to a Filipino person, you’re in the right place. Chances are you’ve come across a Filipino and wondered why they have Spanish-sounding last names, like Garcia or Rodriguez. They have chinky eyes, brown skin, eat rice with everything […]