9 Things Asian-Americans are So Tired of Hearing

rolling eyes gif.gif

What’s your nationality?

I am American, but if you want to know my ethnicity – I am Filipino.

You speak such good English!

I have been speaking English since I could start speaking, but thank you?

You’re so exotic.

Yeah, no. I’m not a plant or animal from the Amazon.

How often do you visit “home?”

Um, every day? Unless you meant my parents’ motherland, then it’s been about 5 years.

You must be super good at math.

Don’t let my eyes fool you, I actually suck at math.

I thought you were (insert another type of Asian here)! You all look the same to me.

Asians can be literally any color in the spectrum —brown people are Asians too!

Say something in (insert Asian language here)!

I’m not a circus animal, so I don’t perform on command. That’s a no.

Oh, I love pad thai!

Good for you. I’m also not Thai, so your reference is incorrect.

Are you related to (name of random Asian person)?

Asian-Americans take up 5.6% of the total American population. That’s almost 20 million people. So no, I’m not related to that rando you just mentioned.

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