Artist Manager Sabrina Li’s Journey in the Music Industry

An artist manager is a professional who represents and guides the career of an artist. Their main responsibility is to help a musician achieve their goals by providing them with the necessary resources, knowledge, and support they need. An artist manager typically has extensive experience in the music industry and is well-connected with industry insiders, […]

LEX the Lexicon Artist Releases Her Latest track, “Artist Anthem”

On January 6th, LEX the Lexicon Artist AKA Alex Liu released her music video for the song “Artist Anthem.” After a conversation with a friend that made her realize she is not as “normal” as she pretends to be, she began construction on “Artist Anthem” in late 2016 and finished it early 2017. She first […]

Asian-Am Artist Spotlight: LEX the Lexicon Artist

It is rare to find Asian American rappers, let alone Asian American female rappers. Oakland-based LEX the Lexicon Artist is an exception. Alex Sun Liu is an up and coming rapper whose lyrics are centered around humor and identity. LEX is inspired by comedic rap and rappers like Eminem, Watsky and Tonedeff, and viral internet […]

REVIEW: A Web Series Starring and Directed by Asian-American Men: ‘Munkey in The City’

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being introduced to a web series called, Munkey in The City, by the series’ director Michael T. Nguyen. On top of blogging about Asian-Am culture, I happen to also be a visual artist. Having been a graphic design major, I’ve been exposed to a film or two and happen […]

Why the Next Generation Needs to See Themselves on TV & Film

It’s the YLWRNGR here, reporting on something that is really close to my heart: diversity in Hollywood. As a first generation Asian American women who grew up in the ’90s, my frame of reference for characters played by other AsianAms was few and far between. When I saw Thuy Trang on TV playing the original […]